Book Review

Work like a Woman

review by Liz Benson

Powerful reminders that the way we work can, and in many ways, should change and that the way to drive sustainable change is together.

Filled with personal stories and experience it highlights the challenges of getting ahead in alpha male work cultures, and the need for both parents to be more equally responsible for parenting.

Quote from the book:

“Some people say we lack ambition, that women don’t reach for the top because we get so far and then life, family and work clash too often for many of us to devote the attention to a career that success demands.

(You know the kinds of people that say that: it’s usually the ones with someone at home doing everything from childcare to picking up the dry cleaning so there’s nothing else for them to worry about except working eighty hours a week.)”

Work like a Woman
Mary Portas
Published: 2018