A picture tells a thousand words, or does it?

There’s been a lot of talk for a long time, and particularly recently, about the impact of social media and the polishing we do of our lives for social sharing.


Book Review

I know how she does it

Having it all means doing it all, or so we often say (or is that just me?). This data driven book reminds us that we all have the same amount of time – 168 hours a week to be precise – and how we choose to spend that time is a reflection of our values.



Senior features editor, Elizabeth Wilson, reflects on managing the juggle so she can be present at work and at home

Elizabeth Wilson, Senior features editor, House & Garden. Age: 52 Number of kids: 2 girls Age of kids: 14 and 12



Understanding and overcoming unconscious bias

We all know about bias. Often, it’s something we work actively to overcome. For example, when we’re coaching our kids’ netball or soccer teams, we want to make sure we aren’t biased towards our own child so each child gets equal playing time.