Adding study to the work family balance

When you’re a mother, working full-time or part-time is a challenge in itself, so the thought of adding further study or learning can be daunting.


Book Review

Women’s Work

I could not put this book down. It was so eloquently written that I felt completely engaged in her story.



Recruiting good bosses and getting smart about what you do at home are keys to career success, according to non-executive director Fiona Balfour | Part 2

Fiona Balfour is a professional non-executive director who sits on the boards of Land Services South Australia, Western Sydney Airport Co., and Airservices Australia. She is also the managing director of Allard McRae, providing strategic advisory services to boards and CEOs, and coaching and mentoring services to technology and female executives.



Why saying you are busy is limiting you

It doesn’t matter who you ask, if you ask someone how they are, they will more often than not respond that they are busy. It’s so common now that it’s almost considered a default answer.