Why professional style is important and how to find yours

Most full-time women have a ‘go to’ outfit (or two or three) reserved for certain occasions. For many of us, wearing certain clothes for certain occasions is a deliberate choice. We reach for the outfit that help us feel confident when we’re heading to a job interview. We pick the clothes in which we feel …



Kathryn Volter, cardiac scientist and territory manager at Boston Scientific, discusses women in science and the benefits of organisations giving their employees autonomy

Kathryn Volter, territory manager, Boston Scientific Age: 40 Number of kids: 2 Age of kids: 5 and 7 This week the world recognised International Day for Women and Girls in Science. We met with Kathryn to discuss what it’s like to be a mother and professional in this field.



Having it all. What does that mean?

Can women have it all? How do you balance a career and kids? How do you balance your work and dating life?


Book Review

The Wife Drought: Why women need wives, and men need lives

We’re giving away a free copy of this book. Tell us in 50 words or less what you think needs to change to achieve equality in the workforce. Enter below. In ‘The Wife Drought’, Annabel Crabb has penned a clear-eyed look at the problem facing working women and men in this country: mainly that the …