What to consider when looking for a mentor

When it comes to achieving your goals, resolving challenges, or simply deciding what to do next, having a mentor can be invaluable.



How language can affect your workplace performance

Our choice of words and phrases communicate just as much as the actual meaning of the message. Phrases and words along the lines of “maybe we could…”, “I was just wondering if…”, “I guess”, and “luck” all set your tone.



Renaye Peters shares her tips for joining boards and turning career disappointments into opportunities

Renaye Peters has more than 25 years of construction, infrastructure, property, and mining industry experience. She is currently vice president of campus infrastructure and services at Monash University, and serves as a director of the board of Queensland Rail.


Book Review

I know how she does it

Having it all means doing it all, or so we often say (or is that just me?). This data driven book reminds us that we all have the same amount of time – 168 hours a week to be precise – and how we choose to spend that time is a reflection of our values.