Making the most of remote working: how to live and thrive in the country

The move to remote work has given many people the opportunity to swap their city homes for country and coastal havens.   According to online real estate hub, Domain, property prices in some areas of regional Australia have increased by nearly a third due to the boost in demand from city dwellers, which is likely to shift into an even higher gear as border restrictions are lifted.1  If you are …



Routine and exercise are important when working from home, says Michelle Taylor, senior account manager at Recognition PR

Age: 38 Number of kids: 1 Age of kids: 10



How having a supportive team helps account director, Roberta Marcroft, maximise her work-life balance

Your age:  50 Number of kids: 2 Age of kids:  11 and 13



Establishing goals and listening to your gut are important when deciding to go back to work, says Laurel Grey, senior digital analyst at RSM Australia

Age: 36 Number of kids: 1 Age of kids: 8 months