Book Review

I know how she does it

review by Liz Benson

Having it all means doing it all, or so we often say (or is that just me?). This data driven book reminds us that we all have the same amount of time – 168 hours a week to be precise – and how we choose to spend that time is a reflection of our values.

I am a lover of time management and of reclaiming lost, or unfulfilling time, and of seeing the answers to the big and little questions in life such as: how do you do it, how do you manage it, how do you find balance?

The book is filled with insights and hacks, and inspired me to reflect on the choices I make each day with the most scarce and precious resource we have, our time.

Quote from the book:

“I came to see that using time well, so that you enjoy time, rather than battle it, is often not about being more organised in the running of a household. It is about changing your mind-set and recognising that much of what fills our time is a choice. We can choose to make life easier on the housework, child care and overall logistics fronts if we want. While this is certainly more doable for some people than others, depending on finances, partners and the nature of one’s work, it’s just as likely to be a matter of questioning what is a deeply held value, and what is merely a script memorised long ago. Sometimes life is hard for a good reason. Sometimes narratives serve no purpose beyond keeping you from the life you want.”

I know how she does it: How successful women make the most of their time
Laura Vanderkam
Published: 2015

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