Book Review

Woman Kind: Unlocking the Power of Women Supporting Women

review by Liz Marchant

This well researched book shares experiences surrounding Kirsten’s #CelebratingWomen campaign in 2017, together with a call to find our voices. The #CelebratingWomen campaign leveraged social media to profile two women from all walks of life, daily for one year.

I particularly loved the sharing of Holly Kramer’s four stages of gender awareness: oblivious, denial, awakening and advocacy.  I could really relate to this in my own journey and thought each stage was very well explained and worth considering.

The book is filled with insights and wisdom from amazing people who have come from all walks of life.

Most of all, it reminds us to use our common cause and collective power as women to help each other rise to the leadership positions we aspire to.

Quote from the book:

“To sustainably change leadership norms requires a mainstream shift in gender beliefs and attitudes. This cannot rest on women’s shoulders alone – no matter how adept women are at garnering and leveraging support for each other.”


Woman Kind:  Unlocking the Power of Women supporting Women
Dr Kirsten Ferguson and Catherine Fox

Published: 2018