Book Review


review by Liz Marchant

The dramatic start, as Arianna Huffington shares the details of her collapse in 2007, gives context for why Thrive reminds us to look at our well-being and to balance our lives.

The book argues that career success is part of the equation of life, not the whole of it, albeit an important part. It also reminds us about the importance of sleep, backing away from our electronic devices and exploring the wonder of the world.

Sometimes these simple reminders are what we need to hear.

Quote from the book:

“For women with jobs and careers, taking care of themselves becomes even harder if they become mothers. In our current corporate culture, having children is often seen as a major barrier to career advancement. There are certainly challenges in juggling family and career, and there are many badly needed institutional reforms that would make it less challenging.” 

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Happier Life
Arianna Huffington
Published: 2014