Book Review

The Awakened Woman

review by Liz Marchant

Ever wondered who Oprah’s all-time favourite guest was? This is just one of Dr Tererai Trent’s claims to fame.

Dr Trent is an internationally-acclaimed voice for women’s empowerment and education.Her book takes us through her remarkable journey from her village in Zimbabwe to living the life of her dreams, reminding us of the power of women helping and inspiring each other.

Quote from the book:

“Remember: a dream doesn’t become reality until you are willing to put in the hard work. Determination, commitment, and self-discipline are supreme to make your dreams come true. And when your dreams are tied to something greater than yourself, then sweat becomes the equity for your hard work.”

These podcasts offer great insights into Dr Trent’s story.

Your Dream Life Podcast Part 1

and  Your Dream Life Podcast Part 2

The Awakened Woman: A Guide for Remembering and Igniting Your Sacred Dreams
Dr Tererai Trent
Published: 2017