Book Review

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome

review by Liz Benson

Dr Libby Weaver takes us through the biochemical impact of rushing and the toll it takes on our health across a range of perspectives including physical, hormonal, emotional, and mental.

As well as outlining the challenge, this book also provides recommendations and suggestions. Some of these are perhaps not what we want to hear, such as examining your relationship with coffee and alcohol.

This book struck a chord with me, giving me pause to think about the pressures I put on myself each day. I am trying to remember to focus on the opportunity and be grateful that I get to do things, rather than the pressure and feeling stressed that I have to do things.

Quote from the book:

“It doesn’t seem to matter if she has two things to do or 200, she is often in a pressing rush to do it all. Wound up like a spring, she runs herself ragged in a daily battle to keep up. There is always so much to do, and she rarely feels like she wins, is in control, or even gets on top of things. In fact, her deep desire to control even the smallest details of life can leave her feeling out of control, even of herself.”

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome
Dr Libby Weaver

Published: 2017