Book Review

Quarterly essay: Men at work

review by Liz Benson

Having spent her career following the Australian, and international, political scene, Annabel Crabb was struck by the response evoked by the announcement, and birth, of New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern’s baby girl Neve.

As she comments, Australia’s current Prime Minister and Treasurer are also parents, however no one has questioned them about how they’re going to manage the country while parenting.

The position of women to participate in the work place has changed significantly in the last 50 years, with improvements to maternity leave entitlements and flexible working arrangements, however as Annabel Crabb comments;

“…as long as women keep making babies with men, then we are kidding ourselves if we continue to ignore the other side of the equation. Which is: what happens to men in the workplace. More specifically, what happens to men when they have kids.”

Men at work: Australia’s Parenthood Trap
Annabel Crabb
Published: 2019