Book Review

Dare to Lead

review by Liz Marchant

From a business and a personal perspective I found this book to be inspiring; a great reminder that leadership isn’t about titles or power but accountability for realising the potential in others. It’s about remembering who we are and the impact that has on others every time we walk into a room.

I loved Brene’s thoughts on difficult conversations and giving people space, about curiosity and asking questions, and how being vulnerable can lead to great outcomes for everyone involved.

The concepts were clear and actionable and I can see why she’s become so popular.

Quote from the book:

“We hate asking for help. But that’s where it gets wild. We asked a thousand leaders to list marble-earning behaviours – what do your team members do that earns your trust? The most common answer: asking for help. When it comes to people who do not habitually ask for help, the leaders we polled explained that they would not delegate important work to them because the leaders did not trust that they would raise their hands and ask for help. Mind. Blown.”

Dare to Lead
Brene Brown
Published: 2018